Regenerative and Functional Medicine

Integrated and holistic medicine of Nashville, TNOUR GOAL in Integrated Health and Wellness is to partner with our patients to identify and treat the root cause of their symptoms or illness. We then individualize a lifestyle plan to treat you in the most natural way. Finding the ROOT CAUSE of your illness or imbalance is the key to attaining optimal health. This is the basic principle of Functional, Regenerative, and Integrative Medicine.

Have you been told in the past that “your blood work is normal” and yet your symptoms persist? Have you been prescribed several medications that do not fix the problem and have negative side-effects of their own? We encourage a lifestyle that is proactive and thereby prevents the onset of illness and disease. YOU are responsible to a large extent for your present and future health.  We can work together with you on this journey!


Low sex drive

Erectile dysfunction

Fatigue or insomnia

Weight gain or inability to lose weight

Yeast overgrowth or skin conditions

Irregular or heavy periods

Constipation or diarrhea

Joint aches or pains


As your physician I have the ability to combine both traditional medicine with the more holistic and natural approach of Integrative and Regenerative Medicine.

Some of the treatment options that I offer include:

Bio-identical hormone therapy

Nutrient testing and balancing

Food and gluten sensitivity testing

Detoxification and cleansing programs

Wellness coaching and maintenance

Neurotransmitter testing

Thyroid management

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